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Grade: A- As any queer person who has spent any time on Tinder will tell you, Tinder is the literal worst. If you are anything in between, expect to be massively frustrated.While you are at least able to select whether you are interested in men or women, this selection seems to have very little bearing on who you actually see as you’re swiping. Tinder is pretty clearly and unapologetically for straight people. Grade: F Plenty of Fish is another of the big dating sites that is getting basically everything wrong.The world of online dating is full of such opportunities to learn some hard life lessons. Despite the many (many) pitfalls, the appeal of online dating is that it gives us the opportunity to meet people that we wouldn’t otherwise meet.

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The main issue lies in the extremely limited way that most dating apps allow their users to identify their gender and orientation -- as well as their preferences regarding both.

The main appeal of online dating is that it allows users to search by specific parameters to find potentially compatible people, but for people whose gender identity and sexual orientation are more complex than the options they are given, this search functionality becomes virtually useless.

With this in mind, we set out to find the best queer dating apps on the market.

Grade: D First the bad: Like many other dating apps, OKCupid only allows users to say that they are interested in meeting “men”, “women”, or “both”, which is definitely not ideal.

However, OKCupid has recently made some big changes that make it one of the better queer dating apps on the market.

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