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New York locals know that many of the locations mentioned on Seinfeld exist in reality, from Roosevelt Hospital where Kramer sees the infamous "pig man" to the West Side YMCA where Jerry and George meet baseball player Keith Hernandez.H&H Bagels, Barneys, and the NBC building at Rockefeller Center are also significant Seinfeld landmarks. It was traumatic to start off with, but then you get into it. AA: [Taps stomach] Roast dinners and chocolate cake. I didn't do much sword training because my specialist weapon is the bow and arrow, so I worked with the armourers for a few days doing that. I snowboard as well, and it's better when you don't think about a trick. Is there talk of a second series, yet, or is it too soon to ask?

She's at the mercy of her brother, because my mother died giving birth to me and my father, who was the rightful heir to the throne, was usurped by Robert Baratheon, who is on the throne when the series starts. But also pushing boundaries in terms of violence, language and nudity, in a way TV didn't a few years ago, perhaps. [laughs] HBO Representative: Don't forget that HBO has no advertisers. So, between that and not having advertisers, we can do what makes sense for the story, not necessarily language or sex for its own sake, but what makes sense for the story. I think the fans will, hopefully, be very pleased with how true to the books we are. I think it's good, though, because people will be more surprised by what happens [in the TV series]. Do you prefer TV to film, or is this the perfect hybrid?

So, I have no early family at all, and I'm very submissive. AA: My mum's a film producer, and I know there was a point where there wasn't much money going into film. AA: I think that the world's climate, in that sense, is changing. EC: So, you have no obligation to not offend anyone. I don't know if you've read them, but they are grotesque and there are sexual things in them. George R R Martin just kills off characters like that [thumps hand on the table].

As for Al Yeganeh's original Soup Kitchen in midtown, it has been closed down, and rumor has it will be turned into a soup museum!

Some people may not realize that the official street address Jerry Seinfeld always used, 129 W.

On the show, this is where the gang routinely meets to chat, and it has the distinction of being the only place where Elaine can get her favorite "Big Salad".

Believe it or not, there is also a real "Soup Nazi".

Most of my family was killed off, apart from my sister and father, and I've been living with the Starks ever since.

Essentially, I'm a hostage, but not really, ‘cause Sean Bean's lovely. Emilia Clarke: I play Daenerys Targaryen, and I'm an exiled princess. I start off as an incredibly submissive creature, who doesn't have her own freewill at all. It's funny, I haven't met many people in England who've read the books, but they're huge in Europe.

To keep the line pure, the Targaryen family always marries brother to sister. There's an underlying theme of incest, but because she's so submissive to him, there's a slightly more aggressive nature to their relationship.

What was it like working on set, because from our perspective, it looks pretty epic. A lot of the locations we had were incredibly epic. He's a very serious actor and I respect that completely. And Mark Addy as well, who's just a legend, in my opinion.

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