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To add a time period click the sign to open up a window where you can specify the start and end time for the offer, plus which days of the week this offer is available.

Enter how many days you want the offer to be available and whether those days should start expiring from the date the offer was bought, or from the first time it was being used.

Use schedule for allowed usage If this option is enabled, you can choose limit the offer to a certain time period, this is very useful when working with “nightgibbs” (when customers play during the night to the early morning).

Stock control and Product type will be grayed out because they can only be applied when adding a product.

Use group taxes If this option is enabled, the product/offer you are adding will use the TAX preset as the group it is located in.

After creating the new group, select it from the menu by clicking on it.

Press the Add button and select Offer from the menu to start creating a new offer. I have a up to date backup of the mysql database, but the backup of the html folder failed. When connecting this to the database I can see part of the website and a "You are not authorised to view this resource." warning. Current Joomla 3.7.5 connected to the old website just says "Error displaying the error page"I tried to install various 2.5.x versions of joomla, but i cant get past the first step of the installation with a "Field required: INSTL_LANGUAGE_LABEL" message. I can see all the articles in the admin mode, but i can not open them. However, i found a old database backup still in joomla 1.6 mode and a corresponding old html folder. I have a old backup of the site html data with joomla 1.6. I set up an Ubuntu 14 Server with php5 an Joomla 2.5.28 and connected it to the database. After switchen the template in the now working admin console i could see the first webpage, but nothing more.Image 1: System tray After the server is unlocked, press the Settings and when the window comes up, click open the Financial Setup section and select the Products/Offers option.On the right side you will now see a menu consisting of a few preset menus and products.You can always enter the barcode manually yourself, the barcode numbers are always located just below the barcode on the product.Offer Settings Image 6: Offer settings Minutes In this input field you enter how many minutes that are included in this offer.Creating offers for customers, where they can buy three hours for the price of two for example is a common Smartlaunch feature.This guide will help you create an offer on the server, and show you how to add it to a customer using the administrator.This information can be compared with the Default price in a revenue analysis, where you can for example see exactly how much you make over a period on that product.Barcode You can purchase barcode readers from the Smart Launch website, when the product later on is scanned, the barcode number will automatically be entered into the input field.

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