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Are lana del rey and shannon leto dating

It's perfect for wearing to shade yourself from the sun on holiday, to cover up bad hair days or even if you just want to up your street cred a bit.

With Kim Kardashian's hairdresser Jen Atkin throwing a party at the establishment, the pair found themselves surrounded in fans and cameras.

If you do not know that much about this American musician then we are sure that all of these below written details will be telling you something secret about his personal life.

Shannon Leto is a musician, he is a songwriter, but with this entire professional career the major reason of his fame is as the American drummer.

As they left the club, G-Eazy - whose real name is Gerald Earl Gillum - charged ahead while a pal stepped in and helped Lana negotiate through the crowd.

Obviously the musicians are very comfortable around each other and do not feel the need to dress to impress as they both opted for casual looks.

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