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But Josh's children, having decided to secretly set up their dad, manage to get Susan's profile and fix them up on a date leading to romance between unknowing business rivals which can only lead to one thing, problems.

She also has a real problem holding on to secretaries (going through 93 of them during the Emmy-winning show's 10-season run).

Die Gaming-Welt bietet weit mehr, als die Blockbuster-Titel der Reihen Battlefield, FIFA und Sims.

You have a touch of the "Sleepless in Seattle" as we have Josh's daughters trying to set him up on a date and this combines with a bit of "You've Got Mail" as Josh and Susan are business rivals but don't know who each other is.

Whilst that may sound like it has just ripped off Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan movies it hasn't because in reality it shares many elements with the romantic comedies of Doris Day especially the use of split screen.

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So yes we have a movie which whilst some will see as being a little like "You've Got Mail" harks back to the Doris Day romantic comedies of the 60s.

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