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The second one is by setting the value with the key index. To find out how what the metadata id is you’ll have to load the metadata and look up the id in the item.

I prefer the first method because I think it is the intended way to update properties. If you have more than one metadata to set you separate them with a semicolon like this. An important thing here managed metadata always have two Field Values.

I looked it up by setting a user on the Share Point and then load that specific item and look up the lookupid there.

To update a text property the only thing is to load the item which you want to load and call the Parse And Set Field Value method. First the key of the Field Value and second the value which is going to be set. // Code Similar to loading data from Share Point you have to first call the update method on the item and then call the execute Method on the context. One with the name of the property you gave and an object as value, in my example Technologies.

Updating managed metadata is a little bit more complex. And an id which looks like a random string witch the metadata string as the value.

Because the information in Flow Fields exists only at run time, values in Flow Fields are automatically initialized to 0 (zero).

To update a Flow Field, use the C/AL function Consider the Customer table in the following illustration. The field named Any Entries is a Flow Field of the Exist type, and the Balance field is a Flow Field of the Sum type.

Assume we number the bits as usual from 0 as least significant (on the right) to 31 (most significant, on the left).

C updating fields

Update bits 18 through 21 with the integer value 8 and bits 10 through 14 with value 17 (decimal).

If you want to know how to connect to the Share Point and read Data read my first Share Point blog. The first and the easiest property to update is a text property. There are two ways to update a Field Value/Property of a List Item.

The first is by setting the value with the Parse And Set Field Value Method.

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I will explain to you how different types of data can be upgraded.

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