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All of them completed their graduation but dropped out while pursuing a professional course.They were introduced to the chat rooms by a friend after which they started using it to earn. Recently, they had gone on a trip to Bangkok using some of the money. ’ People behind me started accusing me of how could I let someone enter the queue in between. I wanted peace, some silence to cope-up with what I had heard over the call. ‘We had a small argument two days back, and since then we are not in talking terms. Divya got up from bed, and said, ‘You take rest now. I decided, I will have to act like a best-friend and guide her do what is correct, instead of acting like a long-lost lover. I wrote- Remember, you are a fish grown in one pond and you will be moving to another pond. The confused look on my face further angered Divya. But after seeing everything over here, I realised I cannot be this selfish to destroy my best-friend’s wedding. Palash’s matured behaviour and his gratifying background had won over Uncle’s credence completely. The peace that her daughter was in safe hands reassured aunty and a few drops of happiness rolled down her cheeks combined with her loving smile. After the groom and his side of guests entered the venue, they were served with drinks and food. Probably, my better-half is somewhere else waiting for to me dial her number so that our line gets connected… While Simran was little shy yet friendly, Priyal was helpful and tomboyish. I said, ‘Bhaiya, I will have to leave for Yamunanagar after this. Also, take something extra but drop me at the bus stop after my luggage is collected from the hotel.’ Driver’s sneaky smile was clear enough to understand his voracity.

- Ask for help/complain to the helproom or the room moderators.

Police found that the women had created fake profiles on various platforms and shared a phone number, inviting men for chat​.

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Never in my imagination had I ever thought of helping a bride to run away from her wedding. Our fight had already drew attention, yet I was not moving back. Just when she was about to surrender, I got a call. Had the proposal been accepted while we had hardly touched adulthood, the invitation card would have had my name instead of Divya’s would-be. I gladly lent her my ears for she represented a higher degree of verbosity than her sister. Not a single corner was left vacant by the family and their relatives. However, my eyes were looking out for that one person whom I had last seen a decade ago. Yellow Kurti, Red Patiala and Dupatta with long silver Rajasthani jhumkas and loose hair made her look attractive, and even more. That cute fat girl with pony tail during school days would grow up to this was never expected. Post the dinner, Divya took my luggage and guided to one of the guest rooms. Tapping my forehead, she continued, ‘Listen, I am really confused. Priyal said, ‘Ravinder and Sneha will be going to the station as well. Buy a general ticket and board your train in sleeper class. I kept laughing within but chewed my lips to control chortling.

"While chatting on Whats App, they would first share a partial image of a woman and demand money for the full photo.

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Money would be transferred through a wallet or directly to their bank account.

Police traced the bank account to Faizabad and also tracked down the parents of the three sisters who were farmers.

During investigation, police found that the women had created fake profiles on various platforms and shared a phone number, inviting men for chat. Payment was made through Pay TM or online transfers to bank accounts," said a police officer.

I waited for more than twenty minutes, and then suddenly out of nowhere this woman went ahead. You forgot me completely.’ I replied hurriedly, ‘Hey Divya, I will call you back. However, I kept thinking how would I see her walking down the aisle with someone else. Yet, apart from regretting over a past decision, nothing else could have been done. On the way to the house, Komal briefed me about the entire agenda. By the end of it, the conversations had made me comfortable. She was one of a kind – an amazing mix of mischievousness yet lovability. However, I had no reservation in the train and the train was somewhere around quarter pass nine which was exactly after two and a half hours. However, the look and the tone of Priyal was sufficient for him to take that additional round. I sat in the side lower seat while they took the lower berth. Last minute change of plan of staying over, the pull of Jallianwala Bagh and Wagah Border, and the friends; everything seemed planned and the execution was just beautiful making the trip one of the most memorable one…

I was busy arguing with a woman who forcefully entered the queue I was in. We did speak to each other a couple of times during those ten months. Somewhere my mind convinced me, if the elder one does not run away with me, I will elope with the younger one. After sending this message, I switched off the light, and slept listening to some more songs. At the same time, if I take a train, it would directly drop me in Yamunanagar. ’ Ravinder replied, ‘Around .’ She continued, ‘Great, you guys can now leave for station in the same time.’ Talking to the driver, she instructed, ‘Take us to the hotel, he will collect his luggage.’ The driver hesitated saying that would unnecessarily cause him to take an extra round. You can comfortably travel to Yamunanagar now.’ I took a general ticket and boarded the train with them. The cold air touched my body making hairs stand on end. I felt as if Baba laid each and every steps of mine.

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