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Christian dating and engagement

How long should a healthy relationship be before you and your significant other get married? And how can we reliably discern how long any given relationship should be?

Altogether, I think they were a couple for about six years before they married. What makes the difference between a relationship that’s too long, a relationship that’s too short, and a relationship that’s right on time?

She asked between hiccupped tears, “Is this how it’s really supposed to be?A short relationship has the potential to short circuit this process.Strong emotional attraction is typically present throughout a relationship, and those strong feelings can hide personal or relational issues within the individuals or their relationship.Another of the biggest reasons Christians recommend a short relationship is the reality of a couple wanting to have sex with each other.The human sex drive can be strong enough when considering a complete stranger. I have a couple friends who began a romantic relationship and proceeded to marry within a year’s time. I have another couple friends who began their relationship in high school and waited until after they graduated from college to marry. Others say you shouldn’t rush but should take all time the you need to know you’re ready for marriage.One result is the idea that a couple needs to fish or cut bait when it comes to marrying.The thought is that a couple should either determine they want to marry and promptly do so or determine they won’t marry and promptly break up.Let’s first take a look at the biggest reasons some Christians say relationships should be short.The first reason is the strong sentiment within much of American Christendom that marriage should be pursued with intentionality and without hesitation.

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