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Forkbeard was crowned King of England on Christmas Day, but only reigned for five weeks before dying.Æthelred returned briefly and unsuccessfully until 1016, at which time he was succeeded by Forkbeard's son Knut, who granted the Royal Manor of Hitchin to his second in command, Earl Tovi.The county has a rich intellectual history, and many writers of major importance, from Geoffrey Chaucer to Beatrix Potter, have connections there.

London is the largest city in Western Europe; it requires an enormous tonnage of supplies each day and Hertfordshire grew wealthy on the proceeds of trade because no less than three of the old Roman roads serving the capital run through it, as do the Grand Union Canal and other watercourses.

In the 19th century, rail links sprang up in the county, linking London to the north.

Later, Ermine Street would be built directly on top of it.

It was at this Synod that the "question of Easter" was settled, and the church agreed how to calculate the date of Easter.

The massacre was to be a slaughter of the Norse in England, including women and children.

One of those executed was Gunhilde, the sister of King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark. Forkbeard's assault on England lasted ten years, until 1013, when Æthelred fled to the continent.A number of Roman Roads run through Hertfordshire including Watling Street and Ermine Street.The ancient trackway, the Icknield Way also runs through Hertfordshire.These are three of the "four highways" of medieval England (the other being the Fosse Way, which does not run through Hertfordshire) which were still the main routes through the country more than a thousand years later.The first Roman Road to be built was the Military Way, constructed very early in the Roman conquest to speed the troops' access north.Nevertheless, just south of present-day Ware and Hertford there is some evidence of an increase in the population, with typical round huts and farming activity having been found at a site called Foxholes Farm.In the Iron age, a Celtic tribe called the Catuvellauni occupied Hertfordshire.From origins in brewing and papermaking, through aircraft manufacture, the county has developed a wider range of industry in which pharmaceuticals, financial services and film-making are prominent.Today, with a population slightly over 1 million, Hertfordshire services, industry and commerce dominate the economy, with fewer than 2000 people working in agriculture, forestry and fishing.At that time, in the war between Saxon and Norseman, Hertfordshire was on the front line.When, after the Saxon victory in the Battle of Ethandun in 878, the Saxon King Alfred the Great and Norse King Guthrum the Old agreed to partition England between them, the dividing line between their territories split what was to become Hertfordshire almost through the middle, along the line of the River Lea and then along Watling Street.

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