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Consolidating towns

Referendum The town boards must submit the joint resolution to the voters of each town at the next general election, provided it occurs more than 60 days after the final determination of the language of the resolution.

What you should know If a single town court is established under this process, each justice must keep separate sets of records and dockets and maintain separate bank accounts for each town in which he or she has jurisdiction.

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Joint Resolution Upon the adoption of a joint plan by two or more adjacent towns, the boards of each of the towns must adopt a joint resolution that: Upon the adoption of a joint resolution, the resolution must be forwarded to the New York State Legislature and constitutes a home rule message pursuant to the New York State Constitution and Municipal Home Rule Law, Article 9.

The joint resolution shall take effect after state legislation enacting the joint resolution becomes a law.

Youth sports associations have successfully combined in those towns to provide competitive recreational teams at a collective effort.

Likewise, police, public works and administrative offices consolidating to one township would increase the depth of experience in the workforce of each department and all but eliminate a lack of experienced potential candidates when making promotions, which is the basis of the problem alleged by Hamburg.

In order for a town to approve the joint plan, its town board must adopt a resolution providing for the adoption of a joint plan.

In the event two or more adjacent towns fail to adopt a joint plan, all proceedings under this section shall terminate and the town courts of such towns shall continue to operate in accordance with the existing provisions of law.

Resources These groups can provide assistance to citizens and local governments interested in justice court consolidation.

14 article in the opinion section of the New Jersey Herald regarding the situation affecting the Hamburg Police Department, I am more firmly convinced that the time for the municipalities of Hardyston, Franklin, Ogdensburg and Hamburg to consolidate into one township has arrived.

Justice courts hear civil, criminal, misdemeanor and traffic cases and are responsible for imposing and collecting a wide range of fines, surcharges and civil fees.

Because the financing of justice courts is a local responsibility, there is growing interest by citizens and local governments in exploring consolidation of justice courts where practicable.

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