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Rachtman retire to the servants quarters, where he engaged in a game of whist with the cooks who had helped the gentlemen to prepare their wonderful five-course dinner for Daisy’s benefit and entertainment. Jane Austen would not have just "sprung" something like this on us.

Later, as Daisy drove both Flex and Chi Chi, Flex’s premonition of painful danger seemed to come to fruition, as she, taking a page more from Flex’s book than Chi Chi’s, caused the dune buggy to overturn.“I must be injured,” Flex thought, laughing.“This proves Daisy and I belong together,” Chi Chi thought, staring amorously at the back of his beloved’s head. She needs a gentleman of a more contemplative and careful disposition. Someone to help her control those outbursts of enthusiastic passion.”“I wonder what London would have said about this,” Daisy thought, as she was extricated from the overturned buggy. “I asked him, ‘Have you and Chi Chi never fought over a lady before?However, having been read, it should now be replied to, if only to test the veracity of the sentiments expressed therein. Ever since London left the show, Riki and London have been corresponding behind Daisy's back. Rachtman and his nearly-forgotten rival London, felt little worry as he surveyed the remaining gentlemen who were his current rivals for Daisy’s hand.There was no question that, between himself and Flex, and Sinister and Chi Chi, he was the clear frontrunner.Flex and Chi Chi went back to their respective sleeping quarters, where Chi Chi was surprised to discover that his dear friend and long time roommate, Sinister, had removed himself from their room. And what is your name, if I may be so bold as to inquire? ” Daisy inquired, crossly.“I apologize, my dear,” Dave said, smiling.“It was not my intention to hurt you, only to belittle Sinister as your ‘London substitute.’”“He is not my ‘London substitute,’ as you so crassly put it,” Daisy scolded.“Adrenaline is the same to me as that moment of climax during the act of intercourse.” It was apparent to her that she was feeling much in the way of adrenaline while Flex handled the wheel. He was a gentleman given over to a more contemplative spirit, concerned for Daisy’s safety for, how could she have fun if the dune buggy crashed?There was little chance of that happening, the way Chi Chi drove.“Chi Chi is sweet and attentive,” Daisy thought.For this reason, I humbly solicit your advice on how to proceed.I remain on this subject your most humble servant and eager awaiter of your kind and generous counsel, JOSHUA LEE, aka “London.”Upon completing the reading of this letter, did Mr.Rachtman, Daisy’s faithful servant and confidant certainly considered himself someone who knew her well- to not see the lugubriousness of spirit that had recently overtaken her. Rachtman had endeavored to make his attentions toward her all the more overt and careful, with especial attention being paid to those moments in which Daisy displayed her heart at its most unguarded.It was in these moments that her tongue was at its most free, and it was in these moments that she was most often heard to remark,“I wonder what London is doing right now?

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