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Dating because wife is diabled

Still married, with a Disabled wife ; and one who may have a temper and mood swings - sorry but really - who the hell would want to even go there with you??? And it baffles me, and many others, how people in such situations really, honestly feel they are ready for a relationship.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Been on POF for a while now and have written in my profile about being married and still living together.

Tough this seems a bit odd and wrong, the main reason why i am on here is because our marriage is not what it supposed to be.

If your situation is truly as dire as you claim, then your only option is to end your marriage/living arrangement (you mention wife but have 'living together' as a marital status so I'm not sure if you are legally married or not).

It is completely unfair for everyone, including anyone new you find, to add more drama to your mess of a life.

Could her simple decision skills (staying in or going out) be a result of self confidence injuries. We have a great relationship, now, because we chose to work through some tough times.

In my desperate time of need due to a car accident and years of rehabilitation, she chose to stand beside me honoring her vows to me "In sickness and in health", "In good time and in bad" all those years ago.

Otherwise you are only going to receive generic advice. I am not asking about suspected one's but actual diagnosed ones.

Or is this more of of a situation of not having a particular developed skill set of some sort from either of you?

But regardless, deal with the crap you have on your plate before adding a second portion. Sounds as though "trying everything" hasn't yet included simply being logical. You didn't say exactly that, you said "Now i am at a stage where i no longer wish to be with her", and then expected HER to do whatever was needed for you to get that. THEN go look for "someone who actually knows what life means and doesn't play with my head."You need to work on your personal issues and divorce.. End your marriage legally, so you dont become the disabled one in your next relationship.

Do the following, instead of trying the route you proposed to her (i.e., be a cheating, selfish jerk, until she gets angry enough to do the work of arranging a divorce for you): 1. get your self straight before you even caonsider dating.............your marriage came to what it did ( it takes 2) and you need medication to cope... To fix your issues you likely need long term counseling. By trying to replace her before finishing things legally, you will be the one with baggage big enough to kill a relationship. It doesn't matter why you married her or if you didn't know her problems from the onset: you know NOW.

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