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The eastern part of this port is destined for professional shipping and the western part for recreational shipping.

It was convenient for its archives which he then used to forge documents authenticating fake modern paintings that he then sold.

Passepartout examined a detailed analysis of departmental spending under thousands of category headings.

Go to the Delfzijl website In 1968 the Dutch government earmarked the Eemsmond region as an economic spearhead region.

One of the core developments was the building of the deep sea port, Eemshaven.

Passepartout commented that it didn't call for assistance.

Passepartout explained how it had been designed to give the Germans a false impression of the location and timings of the landings (see Operation Fortitude).

It was autogenerated using the content and geolocations of the Wikipedia articles named in full in each paragraph, as well as the biography articles of the subjects of any statues mentioned.

To the best of my knowledge, this was superior to the House of Commons both in theory and in practice.

The north side of this canal consists of a breakwater, where 14 of Delfzijl’s total of 19 wind turbines generate green energy.

To its south there are various loading and unloading facilities for the purpose of transhipping chemical products or raw materials for the chemical industry.

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