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[Skid Row (Gary Moore) – An Awful Lot Of Woman / Unco-Up Showband Blues – Live, 1971 (Remastered)] Based on few visual clues the guitar seems to be a modified early 50s goldtop.

The pickups are P90s with black plastic covers and a matching toggle switch cover, and the guitar is fitted with three 50s barrel knobs and one reflector knob.

We hooked up the pedal to an AC power supply, plugged in a Fender 1952 Telecaster Reissue, and connected the output to the Carvin SX200 amplifier we recently repaired in a prior edition of The Repair Bench.

We decided to trace the signal with an oscilloscope, but while moving the board around to get it ready, we heard a sudden “bleeep” sound through the amp.

By holding the board at a particular angle we were able to momentarily get an output signal.

Gary Moore is most often associated with playing Gibson Les Paul guitars.

His main guitar in the early years was a 1959 Les Paul acquired from Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, which he owned for more than 40 years before selling it in 2006.

Early 50s Les Pauls had long trapeze tailpiece extending all the way to where ABR bridge was fitted on later models.

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Gary’s guitar seems to be a conversion from the long to short trapeze tailpiece, with a Gibson ABR-1 mounted into the old screw holes.Learning how to troubleshoot electronic circuits is one of the handiest skills anyone can have if they are building or modifying amplifiers or effect pedals.At some point you’ll power-up a circuit and find that it doesn’t work, and then what?We concluded that we had an intermittent situation.Finding the cause of an intermittent problem can sometimes be difficult.Opening the case we found the printed circuit board marked “Maxon KU” with a Toshiba TA75558P op amp chip.Viewing the underside of the printed circuit (PC) board showed it to be clean, with no evidence of prior repairs, which is always a welcome finding.As some of our recent repair projects have shown, we don’t always get repair projects that are quite this easy, but they do happen.Our next article on this pedal will cover some modifications for better tone.His second Les Paul was also a model from 1959, acquired from guitar collector Phil Harris.This is the guitar that Gary used on his best selling album Still Got The Blues, and the one he kept by his side until his death.

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