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Couples may agree to allow extramarital sex but never actually engage in extramarital sex.Some researchers define open marriages in narrow terms.Some ground rules are universal in the sense that they apply to virtually all relationships in a particular culture.

Despite these difficulties, researchers have estimated that between 1.7 percent and 6 percent of married people are involved in open marriages.

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Several definitional issues complicate attempts to determine the incidence of open marriage.

People sometimes claim to have open marriages when their spouses would not agree.

The O'Neills conceived open marriage as one in which each partner has room for personal growth and can develop outside friendships.

Most chapters in the book dealt with non-controversial approaches to revitalizing marriage in areas of trust, role flexibility, communication, identity, and equality.Whether an open marriage is with the knowledge, consent or encouragement of the partners, the practice may still be regarded as extramarital sex or adultery, which may be illegal in some jurisdictions.The incidence of open marriage is the frequency with which open marriage occurs.One example of a changing ground rule includes where a married couple decides to separate. Couples who prefer extramarital relationships emphasizing love and emotional involvement have a polyamorous style of open marriage.Couples who prefer extramarital relationships emphasizing sexual gratification and recreational friendships have a swinging style of open marriage.Couples involved in open marriages or relationships typically adopt a set of ground rules to guide their activities.Ground rules in relationships allow partners to coordinate their behaviors, so they achieve shared goals with fewer conflicts.The difference between these situations and a cheating situation is that both partners in the marriage are aware of, and agree to the arrangement.The term of open marriage isn't really something just "invented".In her 1977 book, The Marriage Premise, Nena O'Neill advocated sexual fidelity in the chapter with that same name.That year, she told the New York Times, "The whole area of extramarital sex is touchy.

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