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Developing and validating rapid assessment instruments

MVS is the first commercially-available volume verification system.It includes equipment, software, Sample Solutions and characterized microtiter plates to allow operators to quickly and easily verify the liquid delivery performance for automated liquid handlers and multichannel pipettes within minutes.The plate reader was selected for inclusion with the MVS because of its robust performance and reliability.

The dynamics of our industry demand that we deliver not just relevant quality but absolutely accurate and consistent data.

The MVS helped us determine the quality threshold of our instruments and provided documentation of those parameters as well.” – Director of Applications, Automated Liquid Handler Manufacturer Since we were starting a new laboratory, we wanted to get the most advanced equipment available.

A 384-well plate, in comparison, requires approximately four minutes.

The MVS Calibrator Plate is a unique, highly sensitive device used to account for local drift in the daily performance of each MVS Plate Reader.

Drift is removed from the MVS calculations by correlating the absorbance measurements from a Plate Reader with those made by the reference spectrophotometer at the Artel Laboratory, which is traceable to national and international standards.

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The MVS Data Manager software obtains critical information from the plate bar code concerning the absorbance of each standard as read in the reference spectrophotometer.

Using the Calibrator Plate, Verification Plates, and an Artel-certified Plate Reader, the MVS supports an unbroken chain of traceability to national and international standards.

The Artel ELx800 NB Plate Reader has been customized for the MVS by including wavelength-specific interference filters for measuring the absorbance values of Sample Solutions.

Verification plates are black, optical-bottom microplates that significantly improve the overall measurement capabilities of the MVS.

When a microplate lot is manufactured, a statistical sampling plan is used to pull plates from throughout the manufacturing run.

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