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Do men find me intimidating quiz

However, those aren’t the things I lead with when I first meet a guy.

I know I’m confident, bold, and aggressive, but is it really that scary?

I’m basically like a 13 year old girl looking at a Cosmo.

The difference between me and most guys is I can talk about my insecurities.

Newsflash: those other man don’t know that that isn’t your boyfriend!

If there is another man in the picture, nobody is approaching you.

Adam and I actually share a lot of similar qualities, we’re both witty, extremely charming, a blast in Vegas, crazy good looking, and incredibly modest- it’s actually our best quality. So, Adam, you know me and may be familiar with my “intimidating” ways, please spill the beans on what the hell guys are so afraid of? When discussing the topic of why guys often choose someone they can walk all over instead of the confident showstopper they met at the bar it’s important to remember a few things, the first being that guys are idiots.

The second thing to remember is that most guys are giant hypocrites.Looks like you don’t want to be a part of the socializing at all.It’s a little tough for a man to approach you when he can tell your mouth will be full for the next hour and a half.So you’re already in a negative headspace about the night.It’s clearly a standing vibe: everybody is standing, or dancing, or walking around, and yet you’re the only one in the place plunked down at a table.I make my roommates kill spiders, I cried like an asshole while watching , I can’t watch scary movies or even the trailers on TV, and when it comes to car repairs/maintenance I am completely and totally helpless- I thought the tire pressure light was a Pac-Man ghost, whoever designed that was drunk.Those qualities don’t seem to fit the profile of a girl who’s intimidating.And if you’re the only person eating in a bar where people are just drinking, then it looks like you’re just there to eat and get out.Men try to dance with you, in just a friendly manner, and you push them away.They might also suspect you’re the type of woman who expects men to buy her drinks all night and that’s not enticing.If you’re out somewhere where all the other women are in dresses and you came in your track pants and hoodie, guys will assume you did not want to be there tonight but some friend dragged you there.

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