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This also meaning that there has not been intercourse- and it was made clear that there would not be, prior to messing around?

I just dont know how serious some males would take you if you are doing it on the second date.

Giving oral and then making it clear that you will not have sex sends a mixed message also....

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Hey Guys, Just wondering how you view a girl if she gives you oral sex, on say, date two?

I'm just a bit curious as to why you would perform oral, then consider intercourse as taboo....... You are not going to find many guys to turn down a BJ on a second date, with that said Im sure he will be curious if you go around and just blow everyone once you know them.

I would be a hypocrite to tell you that you shouldnt do it, when I would probably be accepting it.

You do know oral - so at the end of the day....still were having sex on the 2nd date....

I am not saying this is a bad thing......stating the facts!

Well, I'm with the crowd that thinks..........'if she's doing this with me on date 2, she's doing it with everyone she has a second date with'...................may be OK with that, he may not.

You'll know he wasn't though when there's no date 3 and you've just sucked him off...........feels good don't it!

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