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And it’s about how powerful women can impact a family.So, don’t bother tracking down this excerpt, just read the novel.“Easy as it Seems” is kind of the album encapsulated in one song–very sleek, very soft, lots of choruses vocals and really kind of bland. “Two Sides of the Coin,” is a decent rocker, but listen to those crazy synth drums during the instrumental break.

In the novel, the second person section is set off by itself, so it’s a little less jarring when you jump to first person, but I think any reader could cope with that pretty well.).

There’s even a poster that came with my vinyl copy! I constantly have the “there’s another mess I’ve got myself in” line in my head all the time.

I liked “What makes the World Go ‘Round” but even I can acknowledge that the song is pretty poor.

It opens with Lola’s mother asking her to feel a lump in her breast, a moment that Lola felt would change both of their lives for the worst.

But things didn’t change because her mother got sick, they changed because Lola got sick of doing everything her mother said. After doing everything in her power to get thrown out (cutting off her hair, staying out all night, saying horrible things to her mother), she finally decided to run away. She moved in with her loser boyfriend and spent several excruciating months there being Happy, no matter how miserable she was.

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