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Keeping in touch with your significant other throughout the day can be thoughtful, but constant contact may be a sign of controlling behavior.

Consider talking to your partner about giving you a little bit of space.

When you have a significant change you're considering for your script, use the new wording on 25 cold calls...

then switch to the old script and make 25 more calls.

You'll come up with new and more effective ways to grab the prospect's interest and get that appointment.

Or a colleague might lend you her cold calling script, with some powerful language that you want to use yourself.

When you answer the phone and the telemarketer on the other end starts obviously and robotically reading from a script, the urge to say 'no thanks' and hang up the phone is almost irresistible.

Few things will turn off a prospect faster than hearing a salesperson recite from a phone script.

And as your company launches new products and changes existing ones, you'll need to modify your benefits phrases to match the new product details.

The best way to decide which changes to keep and which to discard is to try them out.

Those smooth, polished, convincing phrases work in a brochure or even an email, but spoken out loud they will stilted and artificial – or worse, slick and 'sales-y.' Phone scripts should sound just like you do when you talk casually.

As you write the script, stick to words you use every day in normal conversation, including pauses, sentence fragments and even the occasional 'uh.' If you have trouble writing a script in this style, tape yourself while you ad-lib a cold call, and then play back the tape and write down what you said exactly as you said it.

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