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I owned a latex mertailor tail back in the day and wasn't happy with it or the service I was given. I sent the Mertailor a message on FB asking about the basic tail but when I heard back from them, they didn't answer a single question which threw me off.If the communication is already bad, I don't expect it to get any better when I have problems and I don't want to risk that.

From what I find, they tend to have more cons than pros opposed to other three three listed above. You did a great job looking into things really well before jumping in fins first. My birth country is Finland so I mixed the flag colors in my tail also I love the cold and wanted an ice/snow fantasy tail (and i have blue hair and dyed my eyebrows blue so this fits just perfectly haha)! I am only interested in a basic silicone tail at this point in my life. I haven't ever even read an actual good review on his basic silicone tails.

I would recommend taking a look at Kariel's tails, Mernation and Finfolk. Any advise on the Basic Silicone tail from Mertailor? ) I talked to a girl on instagram a couple weeks ago about her basic Mer Tailor tail, and she said that her's is very baggy, even though she sent exact measurements (this seems to be a reoccurring trend with his tails). She attempted to send the tail back so he could fix it, but he ended up sending it back to her with a note that said, "nothing's wrong with it." Basically blaming her. Despite reading many bad reviews, I still wanted to get a basic silicone tail from him because it's the most affordable for me.

The biggest issue was that our pay was changed from getting hourly raises to being put in a step program, forcing associates to wait a year minimum, to associates like myself being capped and never receiving a pay increase again.... Work long stressful hours and they still feel you should enough energy to try and stay awake . All while trying to maintain a rate that is created by management and supposed to be reviewed quarterly, but is actually changed every week (and the cherry on top, nobody is ever actually familiar with what any rate is so pick a number between 1 and 1,000 and pray you don't get pulled aside to be talked to).

I overall have to have a positive outlook on the whole experience, as I learned a lot and treat it as a "resume builder".i did not have any issues working at amazon the people were friendly there's a lot of team work, stretching, making sure health is okay with the on site doctors its a wonderful company. I recommend Amazon for someone who either knows that one day they would like to work for the Amazon Company in more of a management level there is a lot of opportunity for moving up. Meanwhile, management gives entirely overused lines like," if you have a concern, you can always come talk to us," while not realizing that on the order picker you operate at maximum speed of 4 miles per hour it takes approximately 5 minutes just to locate them then you stand in line possibly for no reason because some associates just like to chat with them for another 3-4 minutes and by then you have to go right back to work without having talked to them at all or else you'll get talked/yelled at in a week when you've done forgotten about what you were trying to do.

I also reccomend it for someone like me who knows she doesn’t want a career in this field but needs a good paying steady job until I can finish school and start the career I want. At first I liked working at Amazon for the first month, then they expected impossible production rates especially when you're a picker. I got sick and had to go on a medical leave due to cervical cancer. There are a lot of factors to working in a warehouse and one of many is being able to stand on concrete for a period of 10 hours.

They terminated me, because I couldn't cover my days I was sick. There is also heavy lifting depending on the department an associate is placed in.When arriving we would stretch and they would tell us our job for the day. I honesty enjoyed everything about it especially when you get to know some people it makes it fun and was like electing a new president every couple of months.The management was shifting from top to bottom so often they could never effectively implement any changes, positive or negative.I don't suggest Mer Tailor for a silicone tail at all. Sent from my i Phone using Tapatalk Considering you like the Phoenix of Mertailor, you may like the Khaleesi and/or Athena of Mernation or the Lotus of Finfolk. Although my name "Lilija" means "snow" already I too have been considering buying from the Mertailor (Basic Silicone) I am in love with his Russet Red color and the price too.They're both similar flukes, though I think both are slightly smaller; no idea on side comparison. It reminds me of a angler fish , but I don't know what all See Through Sea offers though (Maybe we should call you Ice Queen now ? en no the dorsal isn't custom you can check my small diary that i'm making now there's all the info in it! I really would prefer too but from Mernation, but their price for a basic silicone tail too much for me.In my 4 months of working for Amazon, i might have talked to him 3 times. They train you for 4 hours and then make you start working, and if you make one mistake, it's a strike. They will give you trash jobs if you don't know how to complain with the management.The position started off exciting, with promised advancement and comparable starting salary.... There were several roles/responsibilities added, granted these were separate positions at other jobs/companies, but were added with little to no notice. Process assistants (PA) give the lightest jobs to their friends. Your feet will hurt for too long standing hours and you need to achieve your unbelievable rate everyday if not you will get a written warning for 3 times, then, they will fire you. The typical day is 10 hours spent with extremely little movement of just the arms, reading small and inaccurate descriptions on an un-calibrated scanner and trying to guess what you're supposed to grab.I got my most recent silicone tail (and future tails) from Mernation, and not only are their tails comfortable and durable, but their customer service is phenomenal!Other silicone tailmakers with great reviews and quality products include Finfolk and Mermaid Kariel. Thought about it again and looked a bit more around not only here but youtube, other forums, etc...From what I've seen, Kariel doesn't have any big wide spiky flukes, more Little Mermaid Ariel or fish-like, though you can always do a custom fluke from any of the three (though it does up in price). Your tail template is really spectacular , you have a very creative imagination , us the Finland flag mixed in is a very nice touch! I am only interested in a basic silicone tail at this point in my life.If that's the kind of fluke design you'd like to go for; obviously they have other options. It reminds me of a angler fish , but I don't know what all See Through Sea offers though (Maybe we should call you Ice Queen now ? Any advise on the Basic Silicone tail from Mertailor?

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