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An upcoming report into recent Queensland Rail (QR) failures is expected to recommend an organisational shake-up, Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe has said.

Consultant Phillip Strachan has been inquiring into a shortage of drivers, timetable problems and service cancellations on the south-east train network last year following the opening of the Redcliffe line.

Connor nurses a health fanatic who is dehydrated due to the bushfires. A cool change begins to pass through as Terri leaves for a three month holiday.

The new NUM, Kate Larsen arrives with her no-nonsense persona and has to try and talk a patient out of committing suicide.

QR provided buses from Kippa-Ring and other stations but initially advised passengers to consider another way of getting to work.

A long-time resident of Mt Eden, Colleen is one of the founding members of our highly successful Mt Eden Branch.

More trains were cancelled this morning over a signalling fault on the line.

The report is due to be handed to the Government today, and publicly released next Monday.Ben and his new ambulance partner Scott Zinenko are stuck in their ambulance after being surrounded by fire.Mitch is forced to take Lucy to work with him when Rose falls asleep.Time out for Colleen includes gathering the family at the classic Strachan designed “Kiwi Bach” in Mangawhai and occasionally, jaunting to warmer climates.An avid netballer and all round kiwi sports advocate, she can often be seen on the side-lines of local sports events.After a ghostly visit from his late wife Stephanie, Ben finally realises it's time to move on with former ambo partner, Bron.Terri developed and unlikely romance with medical registrar, Dr.Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk would not say if more heads would roll."Phillip Strachan wants to personally discuss his report with me when I am back in Brisbane on Friday afternoon," Ms Palaszczuk said."I have commissioned Phillip Strachan to get to the bottom of what happened in relation to Queensland Rail."Services have resumed on the Redcliffe line after this morning's disruptions.An electrical fault stopped the telemetry that measured the position of trains on the line, which is an essential element of train management.Luke's liaison with Claudia, the hospital's CEO comes to a climatic end but all hope for his lovelife is not lost when nurse Paul Morgan is hired as a permanent member of staff on Ward 17.As the year draws to a close, the All Saints staff must say goodbye to one of their beloved nurses.

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