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This therapeutic framework is said “to create the experience of a therapeutic conversation for all of the people that use him.”oebot has been introduced as a 24/7 helper and can track moods, give insights and teach stuff using cognitive-behavioral therapy.Cognitive behavioral therapy is a talk therapy in a structured manner and is limited to number of sessions with either a psychotherapist or therapist. Obviously they’re designed to simulate conversation with a human so they have the ability to understand and formulate sentences.

Woebot is designed using natural language processing, therapeutic expertise, excellent writing, and even has a sense of humor!Tech giants like Google, IBM, and Facebook, have managed to create much more advanced AI machines that are more capable of parsing meaning and simulate human speech so the technology for more advanced chatbots is already a reality.The problem is that the amount of processing power needed to run such a chatbot aren’t at all practical for the average consumer and so aren’t available to the general public.Advances in natural language processing in particular, have allowed chatbot programmers to create more advanced bots that are better at using context and syntax to determine meaning from a question even if it has never been asked the question in that exact way before.Chatbots, like other artificially intelligent systems can draw from vast resources of data at a moment’s notice.The billing after these free sessions can be done weekly (/week), monthly ( monthly) or annually 2 annually).To use Woebot, one requires a Facebook account in order to connect to Messenger.This is where Silicon Valley’s fresh approach to introduce Chatbots in order to treat depression is good news for families that have closed ones struggling from depression and finding treatments unaffordable.Introduced as Woebot, a conversational chatbot has been built for young adults, most appropriate for those aged 18 and older.Today, chatbots are still in their infancy but they have potential to develop a lot.If you’re considering developing a chatbot for your brand, then it’s helpful to know a little about how chatbots work, where they are in their development (their abilities and limitations), and what artificial intelligence researchers are working on to improve them.

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