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Copies and pastes romantic roses and chocolates and photos of himself with motorcycle.

doesnt like being questioned ...maybe because he cant remember what he writes ....

IF you feel any DOUBT you are being kicked by your inner smarts BLOCK and report Good luck ladies A guy named Harry Beller contacted me on Facebook.Contacted me via DM then wanted to talk 'better' via hangouts.Spoke for some time again very sweet talking sent nice charming images and emails.Divorced engineer ...takes his name from a park in new south wales prolaims to know uk and has to work in malaysia .you what he had for dinner other than chicken and rice ..wants money to pay malaysian tax 40% wants 000.I am playing the game just waiting for the funds issue to come up.Con Man Brown can be found on Facebook, Instagram and by googling his name under scammer.However, after a week in India, he stated that Chase Bank froze his account because someone hacked his account.We continued to chat on HANGOUTS (WATCH OUT WHEN THEY ASK FOR THIS SITE) until he had the same problem as all the rest and needed to get a portfolio out of Belgium etc.Then requested it be sent to me and I would have to pay the charges of EU3,890 to be shipped.This man says the most charming things to scam women in the name of love.He advised how he was so depressed over his wife cheating on him numerous of times.

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