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The aliens have decided to take over planet Earth, and will eventually turn the human beings into their slaves.Little Raman immediately ran to his parents to narrate the entire event, but much like any other fantasy films they laughed at him and told him to go to bed, and they will talk about it the next morning.It’s the Christmas month, and I have seen nine innocent deaths, four days prior to Christmas. This is a post that has been created with the space characters from the three packs of the all-new Colgate Magical Space Adventure.

In this short span of few months, I have witnessed numerous puppies being born; and growing up steadily.

They seemed really happy in this place because all the residents love them; the kids play with them and often tie the similar ribbons in their necks, to ensure that they are the residents of our society.

The puppies were still trying their best not to die! The driver however left immediately for his cosy home without even trying to detect why all the dogs of our society started moaning all of a sudden. I couldn’t eat dinner, called my mother, howled and finally managed to narrate the entire story.

In most of the cases, I am hardly affected by deaths because it seems to be a natural phenomenon to me. This is a murder of two innocent souls, even before they tested adulthood.

At night when his parents sent him to bed, he took it out and started wiping it with a fresh cloth, and he suddenly discovered that there is a secret button hidden inside the ring.

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No sooner did he press the ring, he could hear a female voice that stated that our Earth is in danger.On the other hand, yesterday two little puppies were sleeping in front of our gate hugging each other for warmth.A car simply pestered them off right in front of my eyes, leaving the area blood-stained.You know I love gossip and even more, I LOVE TALKING! DC Comics, the home of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, will be creating two imprints for Young Readers!Ever since my childhood, I have been called a Catwoman, because I feel so connected with cats. Ever since the day I shifted in Bombay, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I will be residing in a pet-friendly society.Yesterday when I made three fresh rotis for her and called her desperately, she was not responding. The chilly winter cannot be the reason because it’s not that cold in Mumbai. We have no clue for the deaths, but the mother is so heartbroken that she is sitting there till now, unwilling to move even an inch, moaning.I went to her, cuddled her; she responded, but refused the food and went back to the same position again after few seconds.Raman lay wide awake in bed throughout the night, waiting to discuss the matter with his parents.But, when he tried to talk about it the next morning he ended up getting a great deal of scolding from his mother (while his father still lay asleep).Thanks to Colgate, I have got the chance to discover how creative my little brother could be!Here is our story; I am calling it ‘our’ because I have helped him to pick the right words for narrating the story: Raman’s Little Space Adventure Once upon a time, there was a five years old boy Raman who was always bullied in school and neighborhood by their friends, because he was physically week compared to the other children.

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