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India wasn’t made for women, so what, I had to live, right? 16, 2012, a girl who became known as Nirbhaya, meaning “fearless,” was gang-raped, tortured and beaten by six men on a bus in South Delhi.

Certificate of Making Decree Nisi Absolute-for divorcee or death certificate of late spouse, as applicable) that they are free to marry again.

All valid marriages contracted/solemnised outside Singapore and registered in accordance with the law of the place in which the marriages were contracted/celebrated are recognised by our Government for all purposes of the Law of Singapore unless there are reasons to doubt the particular marriage was not validly contacted.

In such cases, the Court of Law is the final arbiter as to whether the marriage is recognised by the Singapore Law.

I had not done any of the reading, because I had started to and then didn’t understand a word of what Hegel was trying to say.

All I could think, as my peers used big words to discuss and refute Hegel’s ideas, was Hegel rhymes with Kegel. In the years following my not learning anything about Hegel in FYSEM, many things changed for me. Every semester I signed up for as many classes as I could fit in my schedule.

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