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Instead of backing away from the fight, the North Vietnamese mortar, recoilless rifle, heavy machine gun, sapper and regular infantry attacks increased. The Last Courtesan details the unbridled reality of Claudie de Rochambeau.

The last offensive around Ripcord was starting to look like the last stand. She leads a life of notoriety based on a multitude of fabricated pasts.

Come along with Jacey to experience the highs and the lows along with the many humorous, yet poignant situations that she encounters as she tries to find her soul mate through her computer screen. 10 digits or 13 digits ISBN or asin of Book without any spaces or hyphens.

You can search by Title of Book(Partial names allowed). Shipping of Books is available all over the world with few exceptions.

She continues to look to others (e.g., her parents and first boyfriend - who's married) for validation.

Where's the story about the independent, empowered woman who doesn't need a man to feel worthwhile?

As twenty-five-year-old James, one of those left behind, sits in a dark ... History associates four ancient world capitals as having seven hills: Byzantium, Babylon, Jerusalem, and Rome. C., sits Lynchburg, Virginia, a town built on a river and put together ...

When Jaime Escobar gets a disturbing e-mail asking for help from a woman claiming to be his best friend Michael's sister, he begins an adventure that takes him to a sleepy Southern town full of dangerous secrets.

When the newly established Carey Business School was added to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, January 1, 2007, the school entered a new era in teaching business administration. He delves into the emotional side of why Vinegar Hill, a 20-acre-tract, was deemed an unbearable slum, and had to be destroyed immediately in 1963.

But the years leading to the opening of the business school ... Everything wrong with Charlottesville was blamed on the ...

Afraid to admit defeat, afraid to face failure, and afraid to move forward, she makes the bold, yet comical decision, to embark on internet dating.

As she experiences the roller coaster of internet dating and, once again, becomes comfortable in her own skin, she meets many interesting men...

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