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Jones dating aiken

The singer and songwriter were having doubts about his sexuality, as of 2008, he came out as gay in September during an interview with People’s magazine.

His history suggests that he is has been dating around, making boyfriend such as Reed Kelly.

Couple dating for more than two years, the couple has not given a statement to why their relationship had fallen apart or any other details.

I told you that earlier -- but I wish it was," her father said. I wrap my whole life around my daughter, you know I really did."Howard said he used to live with Cayce and when her boyfriend moved in, he moved out.

He said there has been some abuse in the relationship and that last week, she went to the hospital to get treated after her boyfriend allegedly beat her up."She was just trying to find herself somebody to fall in love with, I guess.

He was first seen dating in May 2003, a sister of a record producer for his last three albums RCA label, Jaymes Foster.

The two are now the parents of a son they had together, but they stopped dating soon after though they still share custody of their child.

From the very start, he beat every contestant in the contest of American Idol in its first season, became a sensation and then some is Clay Aiken.

He is the old news that keeps showing up on television, popularized by many of his adoring fans since day one.Since the Finale, plus ending up as second place in 2003 he was more caught on camera regularly then the actual winner of the season.Clay immediately was offered a record contract with RCA, and in the same year, he released his first solo album called Measure of a man.He has world renowned voice no producer or fan can say no to have a huge net worth of million dollars.Living it vast and significant while still having time for his family and friends the singer is living it well with talk shows as he likes to brag through his social network.Please note that all information related to the criminal investigation, any suspects, arrests, or criminal charges related to the death of Master Cpl.Rogers should be referred to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division."Cayce Vice's father, Howard Vice, said she had been dating the suspect in the Aiken County officer shooting, Joshua Jones, since Oct. Cayce worked at the Five Guys on Washington Road near Alexander Drive.We received assistance from Aiken County Sheriff's Office, North Augusta Public Safety, South Carolina Highway Patrol, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Richmond County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, Aiken County Solicitors Office, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Edgefield County Sheriff's Office.The State Law Enforcement Division has taken over the investigation into the shooting incident as standard protocol with an officer involved shooting."I went almost as far as hurting him to get him to do something, but then I thought that wouldn't work.And so maybe I should've went ahead and done what I was gonna do to him and that police lady might be alive and my daughter might be alive.""When they were telling me about it this morning, I thought it was a teenage joke.

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