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As far as Russo, who is now 33, knows, in those pre-Google days Rose never went to the library to find books on parenting gay teens.Even if she had, the few books available may have made her mother feel worse, not better.

Because I think before you talk about anything, it feels so heavy.

But once you do it, you're getting over that little hump," Owens-Reid says.

Their approach was largely clinical and gloomy, and they escorted parents through a grieving process and toward acceptance, as if their child had been diagnosed with a disease.

Now, in 2014, the internet is awash in parenting blogs.

KRISTIN SAYS: Honestly, I think that we owe a lot of our attention to the fact that Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian.

The attention that Dannielle’s Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber website was getting at the time of our inception put us on the proverbial map, and we were lucky enough to get some attention from the Tumblr staff, Tegan & Sara, The Advocate, and Dan Savage in our first few months. BUTTTT it’s something we believe in and sincerely care about with all of our being, so we figure it out.Dozens of books are published each year on raising children and teens, but the literature landscape for parents of gay kids is virtually unchanged.A handful of books, mostly updates of editions written in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, relate stories of parents struggling to come to terms with their children's sexuality.After that initial pop, I agree with Dannielle…there aren’t many places where people can come and ask whatever questions they want and get answers that include words like ‘peeniewoos’ and ‘ladyboners.’ You know? You are both real people, so how do you manage to fit in a full work/school schedule and maintaining the website daily? We’re tired a lot and get grumpy sometimes, but it’s important and worth it. It is really fucking hard, but when you love something, you make it work.There are many days where I look at my email inbox, and my formspring inbox, and my facebook inbox, and all the yellow gmail followup stars start to swirl, and I curl up in a ball of panic. We’ll stop in the middle of something and just erase it or scream or cry or eat something.After a while, she sought advice from a few gay people she found through family and friends."My mum would just corner lesbians and just be like: 'I don't understand, how did you do this, are you having kids?' She would ask them a hundred questions, and that was her only information about how my life might turn out," Russo says.KRISTIN SAYS: Dannielle is answering all of these questions like a total professional. ” We recently visited the GSA at my old high school in upstate New York, and the response was overwhelming. You always give the best advice, day in and day out. We’re people, we have mixed emotions and bad moods and get confused and want to say/do the right thing, just like everyone else. There have been several occasions when we have put a question in the queue because we love it, but spend weeks just staring at it and wondering how to answer it properly. So many high school students are desperately in need of sitting in a room with two people who can laugh and talk with them openly about their lives. We try to post a good variety of questions every week, so if we get stuck on something we generally move to another question for that day…or Dannielle makes a joke about Jersey Shore and I quote something from the L Word and we try to make it sound professional. For all those aspiring bloggers out there (such as myself), do you have any ridiculously inspiring words to tell us? Then again, Russo and Owens-Reid are the duo behind the website Everyone Is and its corresponding You Tube channel, known to LGBT teens on the internet as the place to go for straightforward advice.On video, the pair lip-synch to pop songs and respond to questions from viewers, such as "How do I get the person I'm interested in to know I'm queer?

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