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Method of updating map

Try unlocking it by selecting the field and pressing Ctrl Shift F11.

If not, perhaps it’s not a field; it might have gotten unlinked (perhaps you accidentally pressed Ctrl Shift F9 on it to unlink it), or it might not have been a correctly constructed field in the first place.

If all else fails, delete the field and re-create it.

Table 16.2 includes a quick summary of these shortcuts.

Field Doesn’t Update Remember, most fields do not update automatically.

If you open a short term account, it will close automatically after 14 days, and it is not necessary to fill out a form.

Firmware updates are released on a regular basis for network enabled Blu-ray Players.

Most fields are not automatically updated each time you open or save the document.

(In this way, they differ from OLE linked objects, which are automatically updated by default.) To update a single field, select it (or click anywhere in it) and press F9, or right-click the field and choose Update Field.

If you have toggled the display of the field code string on, updating the field toggles it back to displaying the results.

To update multiple fields at once, select them as part of a contiguous selection range and press F9.

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