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Prosecutors paint a far different picture, describing a tight-knit ring that plundered archaeological sites, desecrated Indian graves and stole ancient artifacts, selling them to dealers and collectors connected to the network.Authorities won't comment directly on the investigation.In his senior center office, caseworker Austin Lyman voices vehement opinions about the raids in his own unique way: Lyman, a burly, ruddy-faced man of 62, wrote "Paradise Has Been Raided Again" on June 10, the day of the raids. Behind him, taped to a cabinet, is a smiling picture of Redd, Lyman's personal physician and one of his best friends.

There are signs throughout the museum explaining the laws, exhorting visitors to be good cultural stewards by leaving artifacts in place.

To a stranger the pueblo's ruins seem breathtakingly intact: walls and windows and rooms still standing, storage chambers strewn with thousand-year-old corn cobs, and brightly colored pottery shards scattered throughout. Driving to the ridge across a plain dotted with sagebrush and cottonwood, Hurst points to trashed "pit houses" dating from A. 500-700: distinctive mounds in the brush, where looters have dug for the ancient Indian tools, pottery and jewelry traditionally buried with the dead. Centuries-old rock petroglyphs depicting animals and people are daubed with modern graffiti, from "H. E." (the Hyde Exploration Expedition of 1892) to "Liz Jones, age 8, 2003." A few yards away, another signature: the archaeologist's own name, scratched into a rock when he was a 12-year-old boy and scrambling through ruins collecting arrowheads was a way of life.

The name is barely legible, gouged out by local artifact hunters who consider Hurst a turncoat. they have not been where I am," Hurst, 62, says sadly.

After the raids, authorities removed two moving vans full of artifacts from the Redd home.

Redd's wife, Jeanne, was sentenced to three years probation and a ,000 fine after pleading guilty to seven counts of trafficking in stolen artifacts and theft of artifacts on government and tribal lands.

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