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As Jennifer morphed from a little girl into a full-blown teenager, there was no way I could deny the physical attraction I sometimes felt toward her, especially when Jan would get in one of her pissy moods.

I was always careful to avoid any type of improper behavior, but over a period of time, it became rather difficult as Jen and I had grown in our relationship over the years.

She trusted me explicitly and I became more and more of a parent and less the guy who had interrupted her life.

Jan and I had a very good relationship and we enjoyed out sexual playtimes very much like we enjoyed everything in our life.

They’d wear skimpy bikinis and at times, they’d go topless, which didn't bother me in the least.

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As a matter of fact, I got used to it very quickly.

She tossed her head back and let out a deep moan, shaking and trembling, her eyes closed, and then she leaned forward, pressing one hand on top of another in the middle of my chest. I couldn't’t hold it back and almost immediately, I could feel the well-spring from within, releasing. I didn't respond.“You know mom would not be happy,” Jennie scolded.“I hope I can trust you,” I replied.“Of course,” Jenny replied.

She gripped her hair with her hands and shook.“I can feel you cuming,” she declared as I emptied myself. She leaned forward, her wet hair tickling me.“That,” she said softly, looking down at me, “That was fucking great! Then, as quickly as things had progressed, Jen slipped out of the bedroom and back to the pool. A shadow on the hallway wall made me quickly cover myself. “But you owe me.”I was afraid to ask about the penitence.

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