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Among the topics featured are Japanese for everyday life and survival phrases.

Part of what makes “NHK World” an attractive option for the beginner is the simplicity of the structure of its podcast audio lessons.

Each one starts with a précis of what was covered in the previous lesson.

English and Japanese texts of key phrases and conversation accompany each podcast.

Why waste any more time wading through low-quality, amateur work?

We’ve already tracked down the best and brightest Japanese language learning podcasts available today!

Alex and Asuka are a good double act who spark off each other, and their tone is friendly and engaging with an occasional splattering of humor.

To date, there are more than 100 podcasts on the site, plenty to sink your teeth into! “Bitesize Japanese” lives up to that maxim with a comprehensive series of very short podcast lessons. They cover a wealth of topics including Japanese numbers, Japanese basics, communication skills, dating, health, and food and restaurants.

As well as language and conversation essentials, they throw in occasional tidbits of Japanese lifestyle which helps to keep the lessons interesting.

The format is of an interview session, but in truth the pace is so snappy that it feels like you are listening into a conversation.

If you can listen to a few a day you’ll soon fill your knowledge banks with a lot of Japanese. Ling Q’s podcasts cover a range of formats such as interviews, features, audiobook excerpts, although most of the lessons are conversations in real Japanese.

They feature numerous topics of everyday interests including current affairs, education and food and drink.

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