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These games are very relaxing because they are truly immersive, with a dreamlike quality, a sensation you get when reading a good book or watching a compelling movie. As you wander around, poking objects, you discover charming creatures and strange objects. This game relaxes your mind because you are constantly discovering new things to evoke a feeling of wonder and delight. He shares a narrative with you, but asks you to contribute to the unfolding folk story.This game is stress-relieving because you have to play an active part in shaping the story.But you do have some help - specifically, the help of a dog, a robot, and some smart humans-an engineer, a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a soldier.

According to the study, the people who benefited the most were Type A personalities who found that video games allowed them to enter into a calm state of mindlessness which prevented them from stressful arousal.

These games are relaxing because they are fast-paced.

Your attention is completely diverted into helping the characters survive unexpected dangers while still striving to get ahead and win enough points to move up a new level. In this game, you are a smart puzzler with a cute and faithful mouse as your companion.

It's not easy being a shybot as you'll quickly discover when playing this game.

It's difficult to feel stressed about anything when a shybot's well-being depends on your total attention. These archetypal characters from ancient Japan have captured public imagination and no list of stress-relieving games would be complete without a game with ninjas.

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