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Rules for dating chinese girls

**The Chinese Man:** Chinese men, on the other hand, are somewhat peculiarly different.

Although they too love competition, they are slightly less aggressive when it comes to getting what they want from a girl.

Many of them seek a woman’s reassurance, and have little concept of the term ‘hard to get’.

Act aloof around a Chinese man, and he’ll rarely read into it and realize that you may be awaiting his pursuit.

_Date scenario #3:_ A romantic dinner = He respects you, and wants more than a fling.

_Date scenario #4:_ Shopping = You’re his girlfriend.

If he’s not brandishing a bunch of roses, a ridiculously oversized teddy bear, while singing a version of ‘More than Words’, then its not considered to be remotely romantic.

For some girls, this can be like all their Valentines Days came at once, but for others it is sheer overkill. Getting Locked Down** **The Western Man:** The old saying teaches us that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

And his number one best friend is most likely his mother.

What a Chinese man is looking for is a woman who will be able to fill the shoes of his dearest mummykins.

In case you hadn’t noticed, western men are highly competitive, and value things much more when they feel they have ‘earned’ them.

In western society, boys from a young age are encouraged to involve themselves in competitive sports, are praised for their triumphs over other boys, and taught that to get anything worth having, you have to work hard for it. Competitive will enjoy nothing more than a game of cat-and-mouse with you, so long as he knows a worthwhile prize awaits him at the end.

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