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Adekunle Police Station Address: Herbert Macaulay Road, Yaba, Lagos Contact Person: Mr. No.: 08033450247, 08081776167 Ajegunle Police Station Address: Baale Adeyemo Street, Opposite Ajeromi Secretariat, Ajegunle, Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Lagos Contact Person: Sylva Chinedu Tel.

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Since this action does not involve common questions of fact with actions previously transferred to MDL No. In sum, the PSC and other counsel allegedly performing common benefit work are financially motivated to have as many Claimants execute an Individual Release as expeditiously as possible regardless of whether the negotiated settlements reflect the true value of the claims. On April 18, 2012, the PSC and BP filed their Proposed Settlement (Rec. “I think it’s a tribute to the GCCF that all the people we used have been retained,” Feinberg said. – Plaintiffs’ Counsel received a Final Payment Offer from GCCF on behalf of Plaintiff Pinellas Marine Salvage, Inc. 2,000,000 hours In sum, in order to be awarded a common benefit fee of 0 million, this Honorable Court would have to believe that the PSC attorneys worked two million hours.

No.: 07087233410; 08022400115 The Nigerian Police (Area A, Lagos) Address: 26 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Eti-Osa, Lagos Contact: Aisha Haruna Tel No.: 08023223214; 08181760928 The Nigeria Police (Area B, Apapa, Lagos) Address: Wharf Road, Point Bus-Stop, Apapa, Lagos Contact: Ali Hassan Tel.

No.: 08033117380 The Nigeria Police (Area B, Apapa, Lagos) Address: Fadina Street, By Better Life Market, Ijora Badia, Apapa, Lagos Contact: John Otahunmele Tel No: 08033072580 The Nigeria Police (Area E Command Headquarters, Lagos) Address: Area E Headquarters 5, 2 Avenue, Festac Town, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos Tel No.: 017944541 The Nigeria Police (Area D, Oshodi) Address: Kabiyesi Street, beside Afin Oba Onitire Palace, Itire, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos Contact Person: Adekinte A.

Oyekan Tel No.: 08035841010 The Nigeria Police (Area D, Oshodi, Lagos) Address: Balogun Street, Beside Ibalex Nig. Ogbeh Tel No.: 080334472637 The Nigeria Police (Area F, Oshodi, Lagos) Address: Akinpelu Street, Bolade, Oshodi-Isolo Contact: Victor Osuji Tel No.: 08081760055 The Nigeria Police (Area F, Oshodi, Lagos) Address: Mosafejo Street, Beside LASTMA Office, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos Contact: Sola Akindele Tel No.: 08125275213 The Nigeria Police (Area F, Ojodu, Lagos) Address: Akinyode Street, After Road Safety Junction, Ojodu, Ikeja, Lagos Contact: Tsafe Abdullahi Saidu Tel No.: 08024481019; 08056444574 The Nigeria Police (Area F, Shogunle) Address: Shogunle Street, By Oshodi Bus Stop, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos Contact: Johnny Adikaibe Tel No.: 08033780612 The Nigeria Police, Apapa, Lagos Address: Wharf Road, Point Bus Stop, Apapa, Lagos Tel No.: 08073666669 The Nigeria Police Force, Ojo, Lagos Sign-Board Bus-Stop, Isashi, Opposite Water Corporation, Ojo, Lagos Contact: Michael Osho Tel No.: 08034063058 The Nigeria Police Force (Area E, Ojo, Lagos) 76/77, Olojo Drive, Corner Bus-Stop, Area E, Ojo, Lagos Contact: Yusuf Mukaila The Nigeria Police (Area D, Ojo) Address: 208 Ojo Igbede Road, Ilembe Hausa, Area D, Ojo, Lagos Contact: Lawrence Ajidahun Tel No.: 08035028610 The Nigeria Police (Area A, Lagos Island) Address: 112 Dosunmu Street, Ebutte-Ero, Lagos Island, Lagos Contact: Edward Ajogun Tel No.: 08052663309 The Nigeria Police (Area B, Apapa, Lagos) Address: Mba Road, Ago-Hausa Bus Stop, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos Contact: Chris Aimonowane Tel.

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This strategy, commonly used by unscrupulous insurance companies, is as follows: “Delay payment, starve claimant, and then offer the economically and emotionally-stressed claimant a miniscule percent of all damages to which the claimant is entitled. LAW AND ARGUMENT The standard for reviewing a proposed settlement of a class action by courts in this Circuit, as in other circuits, is whether the proposed settlement is “fair, adequate, and reasonable” and whether it has been entered into without collusion between the parties. 1998) (“Settlement is the offspring of compromise; the question we address is not whether the final product could be prettier, smarter or snazzier, but whether it is fair, adequate, and free from collusion.”); and factors are “(1) the existence of fraud or collusion behind the settlement; (2) the complexity, expense, and likely duration of the litigation; (3) the stage of the proceedings and the amount of discovery completed; (4) the probability of plaintiffs’ success on the merits; (5) the range of possible recovery; and (6) the opinions of the class counsel, class representatives, and absent class members.” ., 703 F.2d 170, 172 (5th Cir. The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana [has] defined “collusion” as the “lawful means for the accomplishment of an unlawful purpose” and as a “, 179 F.3d 278 (5th Cir. In his Preliminary Approval Order [As to the Proposed Economic and Property Damages Class Action Settlement], Judge Barbier writes, “The Court preliminarily approves the Economic and Property Damages Settlement Agreement filed with this Court on April 18, 2012 (Rec. 6276-1), as amended as set forth in Interim Class Counsel’s and BP’s Joint Supplemental Motion Related to the Economic and Property Damages Settlement, as fair, reasonable, adequate, entered in good faith, , and overseen by Magistrate Judge Shushan.” (p. At the request of the White House and BP, Kenneth R. In its Transfer Order, the JPML clearly stated, “Centralization may also facilitate closer coordination with Kenneth Feinberg’s administration of the BP compensation fund.” (p. In sum, the JPML sought to “facilitate closer coordination” between Feinberg (who was an agent of, and being directly compensated by, Defendant BP) and the MDL 2179 Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (“PSC”) (which allegedly represents the plaintiffs in MDL 2179). The Court also held monthly status conferences with the parties.” (p.

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If the financially ruined claimant rejects the settlement offer, he or she may sue.” In sum, Plaintiffs allege that BP is responsible for the oil spill incident; Feinberg, et al. Feinberg (“Feinberg”), acting through and as Managing Partner of Feinberg Rozen, LLP, established the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (“GCCF”) for the alleged purpose of administering, settling, and authorizing the payment of certain claims asserted against BP as a result of the explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig and consequent spillage of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. BP, by and through Feinberg, et al., and the PSC entered into “a secret understanding to appear as adversaries, though in agreement.” This secret understanding has been, and continues to be, prejudicial to all BP oil spill victims. “There Can Be No Question that the PSC Has Taken Seriously Its Fiduciary Obligations in the Best Interests of all Claimants.” Judge Barbier writes, “There can be no question that the PSC has taken seriously its fiduciary obligations in the best interests of all claimants, both private and governmental.” (p.

The following is the second excerpt from this motion. While settlement classes may have certain attractive aspects, such as reducing litigation expenses, many of the traditional aspects of adversarial litigation are missing. The Proposed Settlement intends to resolve certain claims by private individuals and businesses for economic loss and property damage resulting from the “Deepwater Horizon Incident.” The Proposed Settlement defines “Deepwater Horizon Incident” as: the events, actions, inactions and omissions leading up to and including (i) the blowout of the MC252 Well; …………. It should also be noted that “clear-sailing clauses,” which are essentially nothing more than negotiated ceilings on fee awards, have also been subjected to criticism.

As a result……the settlement class is potentially the product of collusion among the parties: defendants who wish to rid themselves of the burden of litigation and plaintiffs‘ counsel who wish to receive immediate compensation. (vii) are the only two cases of their kind filed in any court in the country. “In the 20 months that have passed since the JPML’s centralization order, the parties have engaged in extensive discovery and motion practice, including taking 311 depositions, producing approximately 90 million pages of documents, and exchanging more than 80 expert reports on an intense and demanding schedule. 89, 102-04 (2000) (noting that “mixing negotiation of the overall settlement with discussions of attorneys’ fees” can, at a minimum, create “an appearance of impropriety”).

Address : Km 38, Lagos – Badagry Expresssway, Station Bus Stop, Ojo, Lagos. Better life Market, beside lagos State Water Corporation, Apapa, Lagos.

Contact Person : Isegen Mustaphar Tel No : 08033940341. Contact person : Iderenyi N Umo Tel No : 08023145225, 08033644481 Ikotun Police Station Address : Ikotun Road, Alimosho, Lagos Contact Person : Abiola Odawale Tel No : 08023431587. Contact person : Mr Sunday Bada Tel No :08033008312, 08055171094. Itire Police Station Address: Behind Cele Police Station, New Itire Road, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos.

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