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Before you cut them make sure to get another piece of card-stock and lay the printable on top of it.

The following person has been designated to overview the University's compliance with Title IX: Investigation and resolution of allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination involving students, and information regarding student conduct rights and responsibilities are available by contacting: If you or someone you know has questions or concerns about Title IX (sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship or dating violence, or stalking), please complete this form.

I recently came across this passage from Emily Nagoski's amazing & important book, Come As You Are: A friend of mine left a bad relationship and declared (on Facebook), "I choose to hurt no longer.

[Ex-partner] can't hurt me anymore." The second sentence is 100 percent true and is cause for celebration.

I wanted to get the job because of my qualifications and not superficial sexual assets that fade or sag over time.

So, I researched online, chatted with friends and ended up choosing a rather conservative, but professional, look.

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