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Being "family" is not about who's bio and who's not.

I'm sure you would hate it if you settle down and your new OH treated your child "as not his", then you would be up in arms.

I really hope this isnt the case as i will be furious if it is.

He has as much right to have a happy family as anyone else and if he had married his ex GF, then her son's would have been step brothers to my oldest.

Yes it meant I got less money for my son but so what, he is not a meal ticket and his dad pays his way in our child's upkeep.

Fair enough, biological children but unrelated ones?

The csa website doesnt give any indication which doesnt suprise me and it costs a fortune to ring them every time i do! If he is paying privately now, you would be better to keep it that way and not go down the route of the CSA if you can help it. Id planned to keep to a private arrangement for the next few years but (money grabbing as this sounds) once his other 2 kids have reached 19, i'd thought about going through the csa then as i'd get a lot more money for my son, when he only had the one to pay for.

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