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Shakespeare fishing reel dating

"It seems senseless, perhaps, to mention the sock," Shakespeare later told in a newspaper interview, "but very likely men who call themselves psychologists would say that it was important." One can almost imagine the young man tracing a spiral pattern with his finger across his Argyle sock, and creating a mental picture of his idea.

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Locher, a local sporting goods retailer, had applied for in July of 1900.This lure was marketed as the "Revolution" bait, and was basically a pair of wooden floats with spinner blades and hooks attached.Another more complex "Revolution" lure, which replaced the wooden floats with watertight aluminum floats, was patented on April 9th, 1901.Few of today's anglers are aware that the Shakespeare Company name and trademark were at one time associated with products of the finest obtainable quality.While it is true that the Shakespeare Company has always produced tackle with "Everyman" in mind, the company has also produced, at one time or another, tackle of such high quality that it commanded the respect and envy of the trade, and invoked a great sense of pride in the tackle owner.He served as Quartermaster General for the State of Michigan from 1883 to 1884. One warm spring morning, while on his way to school, the young Wm. The man holding the rod had attached a small weight to the end of the line, and after making his cast, attempted to reel the line back onto the spool evenly with a rather crude device which he had made for this purpose. Israel and Company, a Kalamazoo dry goods store, to work for George F.In 1896, he opened the Central Bank of William Shakespeare, and continued to serve as an officer in the G. The men were getting frustrated when the invention wouldn't work, due to what Shakespeare recognized as a fault of design and gross mechanical inaccuracies. Green, the inventor of the electric street car, electric dental drill, and pneumatic photo shutter.The capability of the Shakespeare Company to produce high quality tackle is obvious to anyone who has seen the full-jewelled Deluxe "Professional" level winding reel, with its hand-engraved fishing scene on its nickel-silver alloy head and tail plates; or the beautiful "Miller Autocrat" big game salt-water reel.However, it must be remembered that the Shakespeare Company's longevity was due in part to its ability to produce good affordable products during America's many economic recessions and depressions, which so often left men without work, but gave them plenty of time to fish.Several of the other tackle manufacturers, who did not enjoy such a broad base of support, and who emphasized high-end tackle only, now belong to the distant past.The Shakespeare Company founder, William Henry Shakespeare, Jr., was born on September 21st, 1869 in Kalamazoo Michigan, at a time of seemingly endless economic depression which had plagued America from the mid-1850's to the 1890's. Shakespeare, was Michigan's youngest soldier to fight in the Civil War, enlisting at the age of seventeen.

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