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Ubuntu and Debian users please see above for repository information. You can find a continuously updated list of bug-fixes and enhancements at our Change Log.To make use of the latest features (and to give us pre-release feedback) we encourage you to use the latest version from our code repository.If you paid for the unlimited International calling but receive an error message, it's probably your dialing sequence.

To assess the current state of the build, you may take a look at the nightly test statistics.

Older releases can be obtained via the sourceforge download portal For the Windows platform you can retrieve Xerces-C and Fox prebuilt binaries and headers if you want to develop with Visual Studio.

I'd talk about both of them but I'm a gal, so naturally, Oliver Sim was the one who had me swooning when I caught the group at Coachella earlier this year. Remember at the beginning of this article and you were super confused?

Don't worry, we're not going to say we told you so...

Here, you will find SUMO both as sources and as compiled binaries. If you want to report a bug, please open a Git Hub issue.

For further information about the changes between releases see the Change Log.

The corresponding documentation is also visible live including Doxygen docs.

Additional artifacts such as tests results and code coverage analysis are generated every night.

The repositories include a nightly build as well (called sumo_nightly).

There are more Linux RPM repositories but in a less well maintained state (Cent OS and Scientific missing gdal support for instance) because the opensuse build service does not provide the necessary packages any longer.

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