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As a result, the dependency information will always be up-to-date and the user doesn’t need to run suffix on the base filename).

Rather, it describes some useful ways to combine the invocation and output of these tools with GNU .

It may be possible to modify them to work with other versions of make; that’s left as an exercise to the reader.

This solution requires support from your compiler: it assumes you are using GCC as your compiler (or a compiler which provides preprocessor flags compatible with GCC).

If your compiler doesn’t meet this criteria, keep reading for alternatives.

programs must know, with great accuracy, what files a particular target is dependent on in order to ensure that it is rebuilt when (and only when) necessary.

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Keeping this list up-to-date by hand is not only tedious, but quite error prone.

These dependency files are then all included by the makefile.

An implicit rule is provided that describes how the dependency files are to be created.

If not, this usually also involves some shell hackery to append the list of dependencies generated to the end of the makefile itself.

Although it’s simple, there are serious problems with this method.

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