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Hi Saki, I still have issue with the error being shown.. The date shown in error message and date shown in field, both are same. Hi Saki, It looks like this widget is not completely destroyed when it is inside of a modal window and after the window is closed. ,get Value:function() // eo function get Value please post a msg if you need the full testing code. I use hidden Format to config the date time format.

23376 The read Only false worked well with date Config and time Config. I have put validation Event:false and validate On Blur:false. Hi Saki, Thank you very much for your cool components! I pass the date time as a formatted string into the grid.

it doesn't validates the empty fields,any clue to solve this problem? The date coming from database is in Y-m-d H:i:s format. Though I have given editable:false in date Config, it still allows me to enter the value in date field. The date is being populated in date field but it always says "This date should be equal or after some date" But the date populated and date shown in error message are same. editable is the config option for Column Model/Editor Grid so setting it on Date subfield has no effect.

thanks in advance Sounds strange because Meta Form does nothing to validate logic and Date Time logic is: /** * @return true = valid, false = invalid * @private Calls is Valid methods of underlying Date Field and Time Field and returns the result */ ,is Valid:function() // eo function is Valid Hi Saki, Please help me out with this problems. Hi Saki, I am trying to use Date Time field since two days as a editor in Editor Grid Panel. When i change the code to set Editable(false), it said there is not such property. Use read Only or disabled if you need only date non-editable 2.

I have no idea where the error message comes from; there are no signs of validation in the code you posted.

Note: Date Time was designed to form one field that would behave as one unit.

var time Str1="2017-04-14 ";var time Str2="2017-04-14";var time Reg1=/^(\d)\-(\d)\-(\d) (\d):(\d):(\d)$/;console.log(time Reg1.test(time Str1));//trueconsole.log(time Reg1.test(time Str2));//falsevar time Reg2=/^(\d)\-(\d)\-(\d)$/;console.log(time Reg2.test(time Str1));//falseconsole.log(time Reg2.test(time Str2));//truevar time Str1="2017-04-14 ";var time Str2="2017-04-14";var time Str3="2017/04/14";function validate CNDate( str Value ) console.log(validate CNDate(time Str1));//falseconsole.log(validate CNDate(time Str2));//trueconsole.log(validate CNDate(time Str3));//truevar reg Time = /^(([01]?

Hi, I'm using your metaform plugin together with datetime field,and I configure it this way: meta Data: but When I don't input anything and call a Form()Valid().It seems like the time field portion shows up inside the grid and gets cut off by the bottom of the grid.Has anyone come up with a solution for this issue (besides changing time Position to right).It doesn't allow user to key-in but allows to select from date picker. However, specifying width property fixes that and the calendar icon works fine.As for xdatetime, the datefield overlaps with the time field under the fieldset. Hope this helps Joe Hi Saki, FYI, substituted xdatetime as datefield with 'collapsed: true'....sometimes it gets the right date, however, after change Date/Time field several times, it will get wrong date. run your javascript through fix all problems found 2.check if all ids on the page are unique Hi Saki, I am sure that the ids are unique. if you are interested, the code as following Ready(function() ); When I use this component on the grid it does not work. On init, only the hidden input element gets added to the column layout, followed by my own custom parts. Dom Helper.append(this, ..." to add the table element.So you only want to disable keyboard input still allowing selection with date picker?Yes, i want user to select date only from date picker.please forget this because I found out that only occurred in the IE6 sp2. Clicking on the datefield I get editor.column is undefined and on clicking the time portion I get is when I do the same in a normal extjs form it works ok. I had a couple of issues (note: my code changes flagged with "DPE"): 1) I use form. This gets added as the last column in my column layout, to the right of my own custom parts!I think the hidden input element should be inside the x-form-field-wrap wrapper, along with the table (i.e. I achieved a fix as follows: //[DPE - the hidden input field should be wrapped with the UI widgets.

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