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Laura is eliminated and becomes tearful when she tells Tyra she just wants to be seen as a respected model.

Each of the girls have to also pose for a photograph - where they reveal their face by removing a mask - as if they have just won the competition.

Tyson joins Tyra, Nigel and Andre Leon Talley for the judging, where we see the first part of the motional editorial. She says she related to the pain and hurt of her emotional scene (where Tookie reflects on a lack of love from her father).

This week's first challenge is a big one - they'll be trying to impress 's editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani by writing a blog on their experiences in Crete.

They can drive around the island and take whatever photographs they want before returning to the hotel to write.

Finally, Tyson jokes that some of Lisa's moves were like Keanu Reeves in headlines Lisa is named the best girl in the motion editorial, followed by Angelea, which leaves Allison and Laura in the bottom two.

Tyra says Laura has a contagious, bubbly personality but they wonder if she can move past cuteness and into high fashion, while Allison has the opposite personality but her quirkiness makes her unique.Day two of the shoot sees (a topless) supermodel Tyson Beckford joining the motion editorial.He notes that Allison seems quieter than the rest and shy, something that Angelea definitely isn't when she goes in for a hug!She applied and was accepted at Loyola Marymount University, that Elite modeling agency gave the 17-year-old, her first modeling job.Afterwards, she had been rejected many times for modeling assignments, which led her to drop out of college so quickly."That night, Nigel returns with the results of their blog challenge after talking with Franca.He says Franca liked Laura's girl-next-door persona but doesn't think it was gripping enough; Allison's was too short; Lisa's was good because she compared Hollywood to Crete; while Angelea's included fashion and a comparison to home. In addition to her return trip to Crete the hotel gives her a gold olive leaf crown.We get a montage of the girls filming various scenes such as running down the cobbled streets in gorgeous dresses, looking like warriors, being covered in water. Lisa has to act like a "deranged" mother clutching a doll, Laura has to eat whipped cream (Tyra's main character Tookie is "obsessed" with it) and Allison sports a fake bloody lip after a cat "scratches" her.As Angelea puts it, "This day is madness, like we had 18 photoshoots in one day!The day starts with Tyra posing in a pink catsuit on the beach for a serious of solo shots, before donning a navy dress for a scene alongside Tyson that is meant to represent a moment in the book where Tookie reveals she has never kissed a boy before.The day ends with the girls running across the beach and navigating a rocky terrain to find Tyson who is standing on the top of a cliff waving a flag.

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