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Updating analog tvs tohdtv

Artifacts due to MPEG compression of DVDs and HD satellite signals are another matter.Compression can cause artifacts that become more apparent on a big screen, because at the same resolution, a big screen will have larger pixels which make artifacts more noticeable. s lack the eye popping detail of the big screens even at the same resolution. Your HDMI or DVI will take the HD tuner and your Cable signal will be through component, composite, or (gasp) coaxial.So long as your in a relatively tv market all of your local channels probably have HD formats by now so as long as Fox, ABC, NBC, and PBS are cool, than sure. My advice would be check to see how many channels in your area are being offered over air.

if I upgrade to a flat panel, does it make sense to get an HDTV or HD ready knowing that I will still have analog cable signal? If I get a regular 4:3 flat panel TV (non-HD), is that the same as I have now, just flat? And lastly, a friend of mine plugged in his 23 inch HDTV Monitor, and the picture actually looked worse than my older TV, is that because cause the monitor doesn't have a tuner, or possible cause it is a digital monitor, trying to convert an analog signal? So if you buy one make sure you can return it if looks bad on analog. Many HD TV's come with tuners that pick up over air HD broadcasts. Well if the picture sucked it probably is due to not having a tuner.I would still prefer a CRT Tv or a rear projection than going for a Expensive plasmas which will only last me for 15000hrs. Yes Flat Panels are the new rave, but they are light and thin, a superb benefit.And aren't they getting better by the month, so newer ones should last?I am confused as to how the tuner will upconvert and make the image better?Not talking about an HD tuner, since I know that will pick up the HD signals with no conversion (although how do I tell my TV to use the HD Tuner when there is an HD signal, versus the cable signal?With DLP, you will have a lamp burning issue out soon, which the manufacturer only covers for 1 year, with Plasma, hot and bright pixels or a pixel down doesnt take long to happen, which the manufacture wont exchange for until you have loads of burn pixels.LCD, is better than the others but could have problems with burn pixels too......Playing around with different antennas can help improve your reception — newer models are flat and light enough to stick on a wall — but if geography isn't cooperating, there may not be much you can do.Tip: Your old cable box may be padding out your electric bill A group of major cable and satellite operators pledged in December to upgrade the efficiency of the receiver and digital-video-recorder boxes they provide to subscribers.However, I would not recommend getting an LCD tv without HD capabilities.If you get a non-HD lcd that means you will never be able to watch in HD, even with a tuner. I thought the reason for seeing more noise is that the higher resolution TV is upconverting the lower 640 by 480 signal?

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