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These include VMware v Sphere Power CLI, VMware v Sphere CLI and VMware v Sphere SDK for Perl.In this article, I will be focusing on VMware v Sphere Power CLI, the automation tool supplied as a snapin for Microsoft’s Windows Power Shell command line tool and scripting language, as well as 10 ways that any system administrator can kick-start the automation of their virtual infrastructure.Alternatively, if you’re already familiar with Windows Power Shell, you may simply want to add the VMware snapins to your own session.

We will start with Windows and then move on to Linux (both 32 and 64 bit).

Simple differences are as follows: ESX Server 3i is the only hypervisor that does not incorporate or rely on a general-purpose operating system (OS), eliminating many common reliability issues and security vulnerabilities.

The slim 32MB footprint of ESX Server 3i is a fraction of the size of a general-purpose operating system, resulting in a smaller attack surface while minimizing the effort required for tasks such as security hardening, user access control, anti-virus and backup.

Both of the above sets of cmdlets can be found and downloaded from the VMware Power CLI site, which is a great reference site for everything needed to get started with Power CLI.

If you really get stuck, there are experts waiting in the forums to answer any queries you may have.

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