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Updating mysql tables from external file

If you evaluated Team City with the internal database which is not recommended for production, please refer to Migrating to an External Database.

Team City stores build history, users, build results and some run time data in an SQL database.

See also the description of what is stored where on the Manual Backup and Restore page.

Once you have saved the build.gradle file click on the 'Sync Now' link to update the project.

You can synchronize the build.gradle, by right clicking on the build.gradle file and selecting "Synchronize build.gradle' option as well.package com.javahelps.externaldatabasedemo; import android.content.

You may also want to estimate the required database capacity.

Team City supports the following databases: Team City does not specify which schema will be used for its tables.

Let's create a simple application to demonstrate the application of this library.

Update: If you want to import database either from assets folder as described here or from an external location like SD card, a new approach is shared in Deploy and Upgrade Android Database From External Directory.

In that case, you’ll connect to the external data source, and then create a Pivot Table to summarize, analyze, explore, and present that data.

Creates an external table for Poly Base, or Elastic Database queries.

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