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After all, after spending 0 dollars on your luxury Apple backup device why not squeeze some more use out if it. Change out the Green LED on the Time Capsule for a Blue LED 9.

This hack will show you how to repurpose (recycle) an Apple Time Capsule with a () Raspberry Pi computer motherboard. Install Raspbian onto an SD Card and Boot the Raspberry Pi 10.

This Instructable provides you all the basics for recycling something to build a Raspberry Pi case and automatically backup your Mac with Time Machine. Introduction - How To Hack An Apple Time Capsule With A Raspberry Pi 2. There are many instructables that will show you what you can do with your Raspberry Pi, this Instructable will focus only on setting the Time Capsule up to be a reliable case for our Raspberry Pi.

Similarly, I don’t consider it a new outfit when you change just your silk scarf.

But overall, I didn’t find this detracted too much from the principles of the book.

I’ve always been a bit interested in the capsule wardrobe idea – if you got it just right, you’d probably look good most of the time.

And I like variety, so I like the idea of having a good solid ‘basics’ wardrobe, whilst updating a few key pieces and accessories each season to stay up-to-date but without costing the earth.

Wendy is quite open with the fact that she designed this capsule with the Australian weather in mind.

It’s proved quite helpful for me now I live in NZ (even though it’s a bit colder here), but it may need some tweaking for colder or more variable climates.Also, as mentioned earlier, the capsule pieces Wendy suggests are in a very ‘classic’ style.It remains to be seen if this works for a different style.I found myself wondering if you really need a capsule for each season, rather than just one for the whole year.Lastly, after about 6 months of using this capsule of clothing, I’m just starting to get a bit bored.I got the Kindle version, and the colour pictures and ‘1000 outfit’ charts at the end don’t display as well as in the paperback, but this was ok for me. Do you reckon we could adapt the idea for a casual hourglass style?Introducing the "Pi Capsule." It's currently the only Apple Time Capsule you can plug into your TV...,does this make it an Apple TV?Make a cool Raspberry Pi case and disguise my Apple Time Capsule. Allow the use of 120v AC or 12v DC (through a toggle switch.) Having 12v DC capability allows me to easily make this a portable device. Change the Green LED on the front of the Time Capsule to Blue. In this Instructable, I show you how to repurpose the Apple Time Capsule with recycled components.( If you really wanted a nice Raspberry Pi Case you could buy one from me for or make one on your own using the Epilog Laser Cutter at Techshop ( then you can also say "I made it at Tech Shop." But this is a proof of concept on how we can make useful things out of something some people might consider garbage or recyclable material.So bit-by-bit I’m hopefully going to look a bit better dressed. Well the 1000 outfits listed at the end actually included outfits which were identical to each other, save for changing the handbag for example.So for me, a change in handbag didn’t really constitute a separate outfit although I’m sure it could change the look somewhat.

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