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Validating fonts

Font Book has been the standard way of managing fonts in OS X since OS X 10.3 (Panther).

There are a number of third-party font management systems, but Font Book provides most of the features Mac users need, including the ability to add, delete, and manage fonts.

If you don't quit an application before you install a new font, you may need to relaunch the application before it will see the new font.It configures the date formatter to use the “short style” for dates, but in a way that is responsive to changes in calendar, locale, and time zone.It also assigns today’s date in the given format as a placeholder string so that users have a model to follow when they enter dates.Listing 3-5 Configuring a date formatter An app sometimes cannot accept the strings entered in text fields and text views without validating the value first.Perhaps the string must be in a certain format, or the value (after it is converted to a numeric value) must fall within a certain range.You can use Font Book to validate fonts before installing them, to ensure that there aren't any problems with the font files.The default setting is to validate fonts before installation; we recommend keeping the default setting.The purpose of this behavior is to avoid excessive animations as a user moves between views that are largely, but not entirely, text fields. An input view is a substitute for system keyboards that is assigned to the property of a text view or a custom view.When there are input views, UIKit might swap out the keyboard even when a text object is first responder, and it might show a keyboard-like input view on the developer's behalf for non-text objects.However, if the currently displayed view has multiple text fields or text views, the delegate must find a way to identify the text object that is the subject of a delegation message.You can make this determination using one of two approaches: outlets or tags.

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