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Some even reveal the criminal offences committed and the convicts’ likely date of release. Some organisations do offer to match would-be pen pals with UK inmates, but on a much smaller scale than their American counterparts.

Lock most men up in a concrete box for up to 23 hours a day and their fantasies can run riot."AMAZING STORY FILLED WITH EVERY EMOTION IMAGINABLE.Linda's book will definitely open the reader's eyes to a new world that not many care to think about.Although our prisons are chronically overcrowded, they can be very lonely places.Some complete strangers opt to write to prisoners they may never have met – but who are they and what motivates them?A surprising number of inmates do end up marrying their pen pals, either while still in prison or upon release.A prison cell can be a very lonely place, even if you are sharing the tiny space with one or even two others.In this age of instant, 24/7 communication – either online or via mobile phone – finding a pen pal, who you write long letters to, might seem a bit quaint or even eccentric.Yet across the world – including Britain – thousands of people have chosen to become correspondents to prisoners serving time behind bars.Here are four of the main reasons: Many inmates just don’t have family support or even contact with home – elderly parents may have died, marriages could have ended or other relatives have drifted away, especially for those who serving very long sentences.Writing to someone outside the prison walls – even a complete stranger – not only helps to break up the terrible boredom of imprisonment, but might also lead to a long-term relationship, or even the prospect of marriage.

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