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I can’t believe it is 2014 and I have an actual pen pal! I chatted to a few people through the app in the months I was on it, but I never met with anyone else following the awful date I had with Simon. The only person I would have met up with was Phil as we had spoken so much.

I text Simon that night and apologised if there was a misunderstanding, stated that we were both looking for different things in a “relationship” and that I couldn’t see it going anywhere. He text saying “hi” then went on to apologise for the way he behaved, explaining he had been using POF to find people to have sex with and that the type of people he had met up with before were on the same page as him.

I was out with friends at the time, so I didn’t reply.

), when we arrived at the London Eye, Simon asked if I would take a photo of him.

It was a bit odd, he made me take the photo 5 or 6 times, because it was too blurry, or he wasn’t looking the way he wanted to…really?

At that point I had decided this date was a complete waste of time, he wasn’t for me.

So I explained that it was getting late and that I should really be getting home.I decided to give POF one more chance and I started talking to a lovely boy called Phil (I have changed his name!) Phil lived a little bit further away, maybe an hour or so by train. We soon got into the routine of chatting all day every day and not just through POF, but on the phone also. We arranged to meet up but something always got in the way.You met someone, you had a few drinks, you slept with them. Simon got a bit angry and accused me of wasting his time.I walked off back to the train station and jumped on the first train I could. It was an awkward journey home and I pretty much ran straight back to my flat from the train.We met at Waterloo Station (I still get horrible memories of Simon anytime I am at Waterloo Station), then we went to a bar for a few drinks. I think the eyes say it all, and this guy had creepy eyes.I ordered the largest glass of wine they sold and hoped it would ease the pain.When I checked my phone when I got home, I had around 37 messages from him – they started off him apologising, then him begging for my forgiveness, then he started getting angry for not replying, then he got very angry that I was ignoring him, then he started to apologise for getting angry. I text him the next day saying I had nothing to say to him, what had happened happened and that I was no longer interested.I blocked his number and didn’t think anymore of it.On a rare night out, I was talking to a friend of a friend who told me she met her boyfriend on POF (Plenty of Fish) and that they had been together for a few years and they were moving in together. She had met a normal guy and it had worked out, surely the same could happen for me.So the next day – a Sunday – a day which is normally spent doing not very much, I signed up for POF.

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